Michael & Courtney | Rothschild Wisconsin New Year's Eve Wedding

I pulled up to a building with 7 degrees reading on my thermometer, the perfect amount of snow on the ground with the sun popping through. It was the absolute perfect day for a New Year's Eve wedding.

Spending the day with Courtney and Michael was radiating. Courtney has this infectious smile that is filled with joy and Michael looks at her in a way that makes your heart swell. This day was the epitome of a beautiful, classy, lovely, timeless, and stunning wedding! (Can you tell I absolutely LOVED it!?)

This was my last wedding of 2014 and we definitely went out with the bang! I couldn't have dreamed up a better wedding to celebrate New Year's Eve with! Congratulations Michael and Courtney!!

Rothschild Pavilion Bridal Room

Wedding Dress Hanging in window

Kelly & Katie Wedding Shoes

Natural light wedding shoes
La la LOVE Courtney's earrings! 
Diamond Wedding Earrings in Rothschild Pavilion

Rothschild Pavilion Bracelet

Evolutions in Design knocked it out of the park with their florals! 

So beautiful! 

The liiiiight is WAS so amazing!! 
Evolution in Design florals natural light bridals

Evolution in Design florals natural light bridals Rothschild Pavilion

Evolution in Design in Rothschild Wisconsin Natural Light Bridals
Daddy/daughter first look! So adorable! 
Father daughter first look natural light

Father daughter first look natural light Rothschild Pavilion

I love how fiercely Mike is holding Courtney.
One of my favorites! 

You're getting MARRIED!!!!!! 

I don't think I could love an indoor set of portraits more! 

Beautiful ladies! 

It was seven (!!!) degrees outside. I would set them up and perfect the pose and then we'd quick run outside. Snap the shot. Run back in. Repeat! 

I'm not sure what was said but it clearly makes me look like I'm funny! <3

So totally dreamy!!! 

Moments before their ceremony. Such a overflowing joyous couple! 


I spy a Caynay Bride & Groom!! ;) 

Wow.. 2014 rocked my world in the best possible way. Can't believe it's over! 

Vendor Love: