What I Wear | Weddings

Old Navy was running a sale on their dresses earlier in the year. I snagged the most perfect little black dress that was not only modest but flattering for $20. It's embarrassing when I say that I have been shooting in that dress basically all season and I just switch up/ditch a cardigan with it.

I was wandering through the mall with my momma one evening and realized that I have 10 more weddings this season. You have to spend money to make money and I really couldn't shoot in the same $20 dress all year.. Right? (Still justifying my purchase) 

First stop was Macy's which was a total bust (boo to Calvin Klein for making his slips NOT stretchable. This booty didn't agree). Down and out I realized that Banana Republic probably wouldn't let me down so off we went.

A new BR credit card (oops) and 4 dresses later I was feeling on top of the world.. Oh the life of a girlie girl. As I sit here on Friday aka my posting days without ANY material I decided to share my dresses with you! 

I have the definition of an hour glass figure. Big booty/thighs a small rib cage and a decent size bust so dresses aren't always flattering on me. It's hard to find a dress where the center seam sits at a flattering height and I'm always better with a cinched/belted/tighter waist. 

Second dress is obviously going to be intended for a more laid back wedding and Michael really doesn't understand it.. "It's like a long shirt? I don't get it" he said when I pulled it out of the bag... :) 

I plan on pairing them all with chunky jewelry to either dress them up or down and cardigans for modesty when it's not too hot out. All around I am VERY excited about them and excited to rock one at tomorrow's wedding! 

1st dress - Perforated Dress - Has eyelet over the main slip with sleeves. Very comfortable. 
2nd dress - Striped Shirtdress - Surprised this isn't on sale yet! 
3rd dress - Sloan-Fit Black Sheath - The perfect chic black dress
4th dress - Pinstripe Sheath - Comfy and very very flattering 

[Thigh gap not included - All dresses were squatted in to ensure photographer flexibility]