Month of June Goals | Personal

Each month I post these and each month I am utterly depressed that I failed on reaching most of my goals.. Possibly thinking of dropping these style posts all together.. Dumb.. I came to the conclusion that I need to set more realistic and fewer goals. Tackle the little hills instead of trying to conquer the mountain.

Anyway, here are some more practical goals set for this month...

  1. Organize external hard drive. This is going to be a BIG project. Bleh.
  2. Clean lenses to the best of my ability.. Kicking myself for not getting them professionally cleaned this winter. 
  3. Clean up MacBook. With my 11 (!!!) weddings this summer I need that bad boy ready to go.
  4. Lay by the pool! I'm currently getting tan in California but I want to keep soaking up the sun after I get home. 
  5. Go through the one box that still needs to be unpacked. 
I think five is good. Five can be accomplished. Right? Hopefully. 

I am so ready for the wedding season. Adam + Megan are t-20 days away! AHH!!