Palm Desert | Vacation Images Part 1

I got home Friday from a BEAUTIFUL and relaxing week in Palm Desert, California. The week was spent sipping cocktails poolside & I have a crispy nose and shoulders to prove it.

We didn't do a whole lot besides relaxing but Michael and I did decide to go for a hike to Indian Canyon Trails. We were doomed from the begining with a sign that read, "You are entering wildlife territory. Beware of rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and other wildlife. Please keep track of family members."

Ohhh okay. So we are being stalked by a mountain lion and I'm going to get dragged off into the weeds.


Anyway, I didn't die (close call) but our "hike" lasted approximately half a mile. Adventurous.

My momma snapped some photos of us in front of our villa!

& then Michael snapped some photos of my momma and I.. Isn't she beautiful!? (Your skinny little legs kill me.)
Michael snapped the photo on the right! 
This was Indian Canyon Trails! So beautiful! 
LOVE the one on the right!
That wraps up Palm Desert! I didn't take a whole lot of photos.. Mostly because I was pool side and bikini pictures are not my friend. Oh how times have changed since high school. Probably has something to do with my love of donuts.

Next up?! Our day trip to San Diego!! Tune in Monday!