Oh I'm In Love...

I decided to take the plunge & I am unbelievably happy I did... I am now the proud owner of a shiny Canon 5D Mark II & a Canon 24-70mm L series lens! ::gasp:: 

It is insane how quickly I have fallen in love with this dynamic duo. It's sharp, it's full frame, it's perfect..except for the weight ;) I will also be the proud owner of carpel tunnel in 50 years. HA! 

Anyway, brace yourselves for an explosion of images coming to the blog and facebook page. I can't wait to share my life and adventure behind the lens..

..resuming my happy dance..

Just a little before and after.. the SOOC was pretty spanking wonderful. I just increased the color tones, boosted the contrast, and sharpened.. What a cutie :)