life rearranged | throwback style

These photos have been sitting in my thread since early August. I always wanted to do a insta-friday on them but have been too lazy. Well, they finally got irritating enough that I'm now sharing them. Enjoy a look into a week of my life...from August. 

I love new tennis shoes. Like so much I could buy new tennis shoes everyday for the rest of my life. There is something about them. Maybe it's the fact that I get shin splints in about every other brand so I keep trying to find some that don't end in death. The awesomeness about these bad boys? Youth. That's right, a 8 in adult is about a 6 1/2 in youth. That's a price slash from $114 dollars to $70..score. sold. & now they are dirty because this is an old picture :( 

 I live in a forest & a valley. No joke. It's such a big forest that we can't get high speed internet like normal America. This results in putting up a big telephone poll in the middle of that forest to get some kind of signal. Internet is currently slow as molasses.. What's that go to show?
 I love vacation. More then the next person. & now that my life is consumed by work and school every. single. night. of. the. week. I appreciate it even more. Can I go back?

Like seriously? This lake/resort holds more memories then containable. My family has been on this lake for years and years and years. 
Younger cousins find this to be the coolest trick in the book. This lodge, even more memories then the lake picture above. Root beer floats (in my case coke floats), sundaes, every night around the same time we all walk to the lodge and indulge on some frozen yummies. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my throwback style. One of these friday's it'll will actually be current... We'll see. 

Happy Friday
life rearranged