Bedroom Design Board

I have come to the conclusion that this blog is going to be about nothing in particular. It's going to contain caynay photo sessions, design, food, inspiration, & anything my heart desires on sharing. Today's random tangent? The bedroom board. Pinterest is the place for inspiration if you're looking for it. I have mentioned is numerous times throughout this blog already & this won't be the last. 

I stumbled across my inspirational piece and have built the board off of that piece solely. Lucky for you, you will get to see a few all of my bedroom board. I love the colors, the feel, and maybe someday it'll come to life : ) 

It's my first design board.. It's a little rough I'm aware. But I love it. Descriptions of the design listed below. Corresponding number goes with corresponding description.

1. Oh. This. Color. It is my favorite color (apart from black, white, & gray. Yes I'm aware they aren't "colors") I haven't quite decided if I would want the walls this color. I think it would be overload.

2. I fell in love with this quote. I love the rain so it seemed fitting. Plus, I love the yellow that ties in the piece #4. 

3. What says more than cozy sleepy bedroom then cozy sleepy owls? Adorable.

4. This rug is my inspirational piece. I love the teals, greens, ivory, and hint of yellow. Ooo, ivory would be beautiful on the walls. 

5. I fell in love with these curtains when I joined pinterest. I have pinned them multiple times. Anyone want to whip me up a few sets? Thanks.

6. The wall display. I have an obsession with black frames so I've got a head start on it. I am picturing item #2 in the middle frame.

7. The duvet. The mustard duvet. Only one color I love more than "Tiffany & CO" blue. You guessed it, mustard. 

8. How flipping adorable would a stack of suitcases be next to a bed. I love the old antique mirror on top. Would be great way to bring more light into the room.

9. The head board. I would love a awesome sleigh bed but that headboard has stolen my heart. 

10. Last but definitely not least. What would be greater than cozying up in that chair with a good book! 

** All these items have come from my bedroom pin board & from there you can click on the images for the original source & credit **