ah, the watermark.

I play around with watermarks probably twice a week. no joke. I search, look at other photographers, gathering ideas and messing around with things. I know the watermarks that I dislike. I know what I want. I have found companies that "build" you a watermark based on ideas that cost hundreds thousands of dollars. My desktop is FULL of .psd files that are all watermark ideas. My "trash" bin is 99% of unusable ideas. Today, I think I have something. I love it today, a few months from now? It will change. I know this is terrible for "branding" my small business but I am so new that no one seeks my photos or can tell be my "style" that it's me. This hopeful business is growing and changing as I find what I like and what I don't like in pictures, styles, post processing, etc.
 I want something timeless, nothing with bubbles or flowers, maybe even something that looks a little old fashioned. A watermark is supposed to set your photos up for the style they hold. I believe my photos are simple but are bold with color, and black and whites. You may view them differently, heck, you might not like them at all. But that is how I view them. I want them to have a "rich" look. I want my watermark to live up to my art. It should be something that reflects not only your photos but yourself. I feel like the one I'm about to share does just that.

This was my most recent. I really do like it however the "p h o t o " part is a thin text. Which depending on the background of the image can make it difficult to read. Some of my photos read "caynay p h o l o" because the "t" gets lost. I also built this watermark with one photographer in mind and it bothers me. I want to build something from scratch. This reminds me too much of the photographer it is based off of.

This is today's. It's curly, and happy, and old fashioned looking. I don't know, I love the way it looks on my pictures but this is today. I love it today. Tomorrow could be a different story.

much love, *c