Sam & Jon | Chilly Winter Chicago Engagement Session

It was cold. Like really really cold. Like people were taking photos of us while we were shooting & I'm sure they were either snapchats or instagram posts going, "Who in their right mind does a session in Chicago when it feels like -20 out?!".. Us, that's who.. & it was completely and totally worth it!

We wandered around, faced my fear of cabs (true life), and captured some beautiful, classy, and iconic Chicago images. It was the epitome of a beautiful winter session!

I can't wait for your Sheboygan wedding you two! I truly enjoyed our time together and I look forward to getting to know you both during this time! Wishes!

 So classy!

 Particularly love this set! So beautiful! 
 That hurrrrr gurl. The wind gusts were insane! 

 Color is my inspiration when it comes to background. We found this little patch and I was in love. A favorite. 
 Another favorite! 
 Jon pointed out this little area and boy was it a good pick! The light was perfect! 
 Another favorite! 

 I loved this area. Those trees were amazing! 

Molly | Governor Nelson Senior Portrait Session

Oh my goodness. I forgot how much I adore senior portrait sessions. Molly brought along her momma, dad, and boyfriend Jesse and we had a blast!! Governor Nelson never let's me down for portrait work! The leaves were lovely, the weather was perfect, and Molly is beautiful!

Molly is vibrant, personable, and easy to talk to! Just from our short time together I know she's going to be successful and rock a nursing room floor like no one's business!

You have a beautiful family Molly. Good luck on your adventures and thank you for allowing me to capture this important season in your life. I hope you love them as much as I do!!

The weather was overcast with some sprinkles but it created a beautiful light. 

I love the two below!! Gorgeous! 

What do you do when you want a rustic building and don't have one? Prop a picnic table up!! Perfect!
Theeee leaveeesss! Swoon!! 

Love the one on the right! Love! 

Lauren & Zac : Madison Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

We wandered the paths of Picnic Point discussing wedding plans for their February 7th wedding and getting to know one another.  These two just flow together and it's so refreshing. I talked a lot more so then I usually do. Not sure if it was nerves or if I was just comfortable. Either way, we had a lovely evening and these two were so fun to photograph.

I am so looking forward to their wedding. Winter. Madison. Reception overlooks the capitol. Need I say more? It's truly going to be beautiful and I am so honored to be chosen to be there. Wedding Wire earned itself a gold star for bringing me these two beauties!

The photo on the left? One of the first 20 frames.. Lauren said they're both uncomfortable in front of the camera.. I find that hard to believe!

 Lauren you are beautiful! 
 Picnic Point is really popular to runners! So we had a dodge dudes without shirts on for a good chunk of the time! The image on the right? They had two people right behind them! Boom! Magic. 

 Oh magical wind how I love you! It always adds this feminine loveliness to images! 

 These two braved anything! Rocks? Yes! Big fallen tree? Yepp! Trucking through the weeds? You got it! They were champs and I loved it! 

 Oh come on! Is this real life?! I LOVE the next three.. Holy cow!

 So effortlessly beautiful, Lauren! 

 They were even up for my wacky idea (bottom left).. I was adjusting my settings and peaked over to find them smooching! Melt! 
 Leave it to me to find a tree in Madison that makes it look like fall! Love the bottom two! 

Gear used for this session: 
Canon 5D MK II
Canon 50mm f/1.2 (98%)
Canon 24-70 f/2.8 (2% for details)

Palm Desert | Vacation Images Part 1

I got home Friday from a BEAUTIFUL and relaxing week in Palm Desert, California. The week was spent sipping cocktails poolside & I have a crispy nose and shoulders to prove it.

We didn't do a whole lot besides relaxing but Michael and I did decide to go for a hike to Indian Canyon Trails. We were doomed from the begining with a sign that read, "You are entering wildlife territory. Beware of rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and other wildlife. Please keep track of family members."

Ohhh okay. So we are being stalked by a mountain lion and I'm going to get dragged off into the weeds.


Anyway, I didn't die (close call) but our "hike" lasted approximately half a mile. Adventurous.

My momma snapped some photos of us in front of our villa!

& then Michael snapped some photos of my momma and I.. Isn't she beautiful!? (Your skinny little legs kill me.)
Michael snapped the photo on the right! 
This was Indian Canyon Trails! So beautiful! 
LOVE the one on the right!
That wraps up Palm Desert! I didn't take a whole lot of photos.. Mostly because I was pool side and bikini pictures are not my friend. Oh how times have changed since high school. Probably has something to do with my love of donuts.

Next up?! Our day trip to San Diego!! Tune in Monday!