Sam & Kelly | Chicago Columbia Yacht Club Wedding

I approached them to say our final goodbyes. The hugs lasted long and as we all pulled back a sadness washed over me. Our wedding journey was over.. The constant communication, the planning, the excitement..The wedding was over. Kelly made a gorgeous bride & Sam was the best kind of groom.. The one infatuated with his bride.

"Since day one you have felt like a best friend to us" Sam said. It was in that moment that I realized I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing with the people I love. We start out as strangers and end as friends, it's cliche, but true.

I met with these two for their engagement session last year. We ended up grabbing coffee afterwards and talked for 3 hours. These two individuals are the most caring. open, considerate, and loving people.

I am so proud to call them friends and even more proud to have been a witness to their beautiful wedding day.

Sam and Kelly met at an ice cream social where they shared root beer floats in 3rd grade. It is so magical to witness a love that runs as deep as theirs. I wish you two the happiest of years. May your days be filled with laughter, and root beer floats ;)

The Columbia Yacht club made for the perfect city back drop. Kelly got ready in the wheel house which was a natural light photographers dream. 

 Who needs the 100mm macro lens? I sure don't! Although I may just pass out one of these times during ring shots.. (I don't breath). 

 Look at that bling bling ladies. WOWZA! 

 Those hands on the right? In that moment a bridesmaid stuck them out and said, "whoa Kelly you are beautiful".. She is so right. 
 The three of us snuck down to the library to put on Kelly's dress.

 Sam working it GQ style. Handsome! 

 Find the former Caynay Groom! CoughCough second from the left.. Hi John!! 


 The awesomeness of Chicago? No veil flufflers were harmed in this image :) 

 This image was pure luck. A shot from the hip that turned out perfectly. 
 & then as I was going through Michael's images I saw this one. Holla BF/GF Photog telepathy! 

 I've talked about it a few times but Kelly has the most adorable nose crinkle smile! I LOVE it! 

 I spy a second shooter. 

 & this folks is my favorite image from the whole day. Pure happiness. 

 I spy a former Caynay Bride :) 

 It's grainy, rainy, and perfect. 

 Hey Kelly! Make this a canvas ;) 
 Much love you two! Hugs! 

Vendor Love:
Ceremony, Reception, & Catering: Columbia Yacht Club
Baker: Lovin Oven
Flowers: Floral Acres
Dress:  David's Bridal

Eric & Emily | Orchard Ridge Farms Wedding

Oh this wedding. I've had a good feeling about this wedding since the engagement session but I've also been very nervous for this wedding. I went to high school with this girl & she's always been so wonderful to me even when I was the "new girl in town".. Emily & Eric both deserved a beautiful wedding & an even more beautiful marriage.

I arrived at the church and Joni, Emily's mom, was there to grab flowers.. I ended up riding with her to the reception site and she said Emily & Eric were fate. Emily got dragged out one evening with friends and little did she know that was the night she'd meet her husband. The way these two interact it's obvious that their lives will be full of blessings.

I'm excited to watch the adventure they are going to embark on. I absolutely adored their wedding day.. From the dress, to the flowers, to the reception site, it was classically beautiful.

I am so excited to share these images with you.. I was so honored to be there to capture it.

Congratulations you two! You will have one beautiful life!

Emily's grandmother made the cake.. Whoa! Beautiful! 

Event Floral knocked it out of the park as usual & the Orchard Ridge Farms made for the perfect backdrop. 
Seriously?! Could this be ANY more beautiful?! 
Diamond earrings?! Way to go Eric! 

Love this ring portrait! Swoon! 

Love the sister portrait! These two look so much alike! 

This was Michael's first wedding with me and he did so well! He snagged this portrait of Emily before her walk down the isle! 
Groom's reactions are my favorite & Eric's was perfect. 


Eric's parents are so cute! 
This was totally unposed and it might be my favorite bridal portrait! 

I always initially get weird looks when I ask the ladies to do a fake laugh. But this is ALWAYS the outcome. Perfect. 

Michael's angle! 
Another random snap that I just love. 

Love me some men with bouquets. 
Emily, I hope you love this one as much as I do. I just think this is adorable. 

Michael is my official pro veil fluffer. 

Michael's capture. Whoa! Love this one. 

We snagged the same photo during their engagement session! 

Vendor Love:
Catering: Hoffman House
Baker: Cal Rhyner (Emily's Grandma) 
Videographer: Vixen Productions
Flowers: Event Floral
Dress: Martina Liana at Brandi's Bridal 

Kenda & Ian | Governor Nelson State Park Engagement Session

He rotated her ring to make sure it was showing. This simple gesture just spoke measures to me about how proud he was to have her as his fiancée. The love these two share was overwhelmingly obvious and they made it all seem so effortless.

Ian and I went to school together (granted I was in 8th grade and he was a senior) but still.. Even in that short time frame with less then a handful interactions he always seemed genuinely nice & he is. Kendra is a teacher at my former high school and she is just one of those women you can pick up a conversation with. The kind that you instantly click with as she is open, welcoming, warm, and beautiful!

They giggled and smooched in the perfect way. The way they interacted just makes me more excited for their big day (29 days!!!)

The light at Governor Nelson State Park was to die for. It was the perfect evening and these two were troopers. Despite the horrible mosquitos (note to self.. Deet MUST go in camera bag) they were willing to sit in long grass, hike it to the beautiful trees, and didn't complain once! Unlike myself but I'm a baby :)

Congratulations you two. I hope you love your images just as much as I do! The excitement between you two just solidifies why I love doing what I do.

Kendra.. Don't judge my english & grammatical awesomeness ;)

 First few frames and they were rocking it!! 

 Such a beautiful ring and a perfect outfit change!

 I'm obsessed with walking shots lately! 
 Love this one!! Might be my favorite! 

Or this one.. I would blow this baby up to a canvas! 

 Their faces when looking at each other! See what I mean?! You both are ridiculously attractive. 

 "Can you take multiple shots in a row?" - Ian
Yes of course! What do you have in mind? - Me
"I want to twirl her." - Ian

Ladies.. I melted 

Little Man T : Family Session

I've known this family (Well prior to the little man) for years and we've never lived in the same state and I've only met Ellie once in person in 2011!

I was getting ready for an event and Ellie graciously let a handful of girls into her quaint Colorado apartment. We've been Facebook friends for what seems like forever and constantly keeping up with each other (social media is such a blessing).

A few years later, a marriage, and a little man and these three are as cute as ever.

Ellie & Joe were coming through Wisconsin to visit family and decided to come down to Madison JUST so I could photograph them. Seriously. What a honor! Ellie has always "liked" and supported Caynay and it is so greatly appreciated! As a double bonus it was Little Man T's 1st birthday yesterday!! So I got to photograph him on his birthday!

Ellie & Joe, your son is remarkable. I am so excited to follow you from good old Wisconsin and see what life brings you two..Or you could just move here and cancel out the social media friendship! Ha!

 My two favorites! 

 Ohhh.. I hate to giggle at this one but I do! Ellie & Joe have been taking photos of T on this blanket with Sophie the Giraffe and a white onesie since he was born.. We took his 12 month one today and I think this is the cutest funniest thing ever! :)