I’m the type of girl that practices her menu order before I get to the counter, & I often tell the movie ticket taker to also enjoy their movie (yikes!). At this point, you probably also know I obsessively use exclamation points in place of periods! But you might not know that my parents are my best friends, I am the sister to three brothers (one younger & two older!). They are the bees knees & I love them real lots!

Without a camera in my hand I am actually a very quiet, introverted person. The camera brings out a whole different side of me! It is kind of crazy actually! Almost like an alter ego of sorts!

I am a skier and a lover of micro brews! I enjoy relaxing on my couch with a good book and taking (or dragging) Otto for a walk up Lake Shore Path!  photographed my first wedding in the summer of 2012 and haven’t looked back! There is just something so magical about a bride & groom! 

Oh hey there pretty person! So glad you're here. First things first, I'm a wedding & engagement photographer in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm one of those annoying people that absolutely loves their jobs.

Let me be there for you for every step to I do. Okay? Okay.

I believe in true love, and that your hug says more about you then anything else. I believe in dancing through your house & calling your parents daily. But the thing I believe most in? The connection you have with your photographer. True life. My lanta, so corny! 

Most days you’ll find a bulldog at my feet, music playing through my computer speakers, & no makeup. I am an avid Pure Barre goer & I eat pizza regularly (& doughnuts, & cheeseburgers & french fries!) and truthfully I kind of love when the air hurts my lungs.




I average about 20-25 weddings a season/year. Truth be told, I absolutely adore every second of it. Typically the season falls between May-October with the occasional winter wedding (which I totally love!). The reason for staying in the 20-25 wedding range is that it allows me to devote 110% to each couple. Building relationships with my bride and grooms is valuable to me.



I was a dancer (more like pom girl) all throughout high school & college (& show choir! Jazz hands anyone?!). After that, I always missed it and the creative outlet it gave me. Then I found Pure Barre (& Zumba). It quickly became one of my favorite parts of my day. The sense of community and the 55 minutes of uninterrupted sweat and burn. Combine all that with the love of Lululemon & it's been a big ol' win. (photo credit: www.purebarre.com) 



There is just something so beautiful about that warm glow of a summer evening. Whether it's driving (with music blasting + windows down) or wandering a vineyard with some newlyweds. There is just nothing that beats basking in that glow. It's just so dang magical. 



Is there any girl that really doesn't love flowers? I have yet to meet one. One of my favorite things to do in January is buy a fresh bouquet of blooms. It just brings some color & life into the house during the tale-end of winter.. & boy does this translate to a wedding day, a good bridal bouquet will light my fire & make your day that much more beautiful. 




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