Oh hey there! I’m seriously so glad that you’ve stumbled across my little slice of the interwebs. First things first, I’m a wedding & engagement photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve called this city home since 2012 and each day fall a little more in love with it.

I run my business with a hands on approach. From helping you build a timeline to figuring out the exact shade of table clothes you need. If you have a question about anything wedding related, I’m here for you. Let me be there for you for every step to I do. Okay? Okay.

I believe that your hug says more about you than a handshake and I believe in sunshine filled drives in the summer with the windows down blasting music. But during the winter? I  love when the air hurts my lungs.

Most days you’ll find me at home with Denver, my golden doodle. I’m a self proclaimed music junky and an active CycleBar attendee. I eat pizza regularly and I definitely classify myself as a homebody.

I’m the type of girl that practices her menu order before I even get to the counter & I often tell the movie ticket taker to also enjoy their movie (yikes)! I’m a bit passionate about this life of mine and I hope that my energy portrays through my words. I am the sister to three brothers & I have some wickedly good parents.

Without a camera in my hand, I am actually quite introverted but the second I hold one? I become a social butterfly.  I am a skier and a Crisis Counselor. My favorite form of self care is fresh air in the silence listening to the wind whip through the pines. I’ve been a photographer since 2012 and haven’t looked back.

I’d also love the opportunity to photograph your day. Let’s make some pretty photos together.