Oh hey there pretty person! So glad you're here. First things first, I'm a wedding & engagement photographer in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm one of those annoying people that absolutely loves their jobs.

Let me be there for you for every step to I do. Okay? Okay.

I believe in true love, and that your hug says more about you then anything else. I believe in dancing through your house & calling your parents daily. But the thing I believe most in? The connection you have with your photographer. True life. My lanta, so corny! 

Most days you’ll find a bulldog at my feet, music playing through my computer speakers, & no makeup. I am an avid Pure Barre goer & I eat pizza regularly (& doughnuts, & cheeseburgers & french fries!) and truthfully I kind of love when the air hurts my lungs.

I’m the type of girl that practices her menu order before I get to the counter, & I often tell the movie ticket taker to also enjoy their movie (yikes!). At this point, you probably also know I obsessively use exclamation points in place of periods! But you might not know that my parents are my best friends, I am the sister to three brothers (one younger & two older!). They are the bees knees & I love them real lots!

Without a camera in my hand I am actually a very quiet, introverted person. The camera brings out a whole different side of me! It is kind of crazy actually! Almost like an alter ego of sorts!

I am a skier and a lover of micro brews! I enjoy relaxing on my couch with a good book and taking (or dragging) Otto for a walk up Lake Shore Path!  photographed my first wedding in the summer of 2012 and haven’t looked back! There is just something so magical about a bride & groom!