I'm Caitlin!

a self proclaimed music enthusiast, homebody, & a love-your-photos advocate who promises to be with you for every single step to i do.

located in Madison, Wisconsin (but I love airplanes and driving so let's go adventuring)

The Portfolio is where you can find all my current work. The Blog has planning, personal, and business posts (basically all the pretty stuff I love). You can reach me at Contact which  is obviously where you should end up if you want to work together. 

(which hot dang, I hope you do!)



This is why I take a limited amount of weddings each season. Finding the balance between filling my calendar but also giving my couples my undivided attention. I want you to walk out of this experience feeling well taken care of and heard. Helping you plan (yes, I am actually a photographer) a well thought out day ensures you're present on your day. Soaking up the celebration, love, support, and magic that a wedding day holds.

The process goes from initial inquiry all the way down to my last check in after your wedding day. Keeping the lines of communication open during this journey is something I pride myself on. If that's a stressed mess email at 10:30PM on a Thursday, I've got your back. It's from timeline building to planning your engagement session. It's delivery and editing. It's presentation in the wedding photos that show up on your door.


Your groomsmen will likely throw me a high five for my power shooting. I will make sure the first sight of your bride will capture the emotion you're feeling so that when you're old and gray, you'll remember every part of your wedding day. But above all this, I vow to get you to cocktail hour. Because who doesn't love a beer and crab cakes.

I vow to help pin on your boutonni√®re & to not make your groomsmen pose for a million portraits.  I promise to not have a camera in your face all day but to also highlight that you're just as important, on this day, as your bride. Your portraits will be relaxed, candid, and full of love. There will be lots of smooches, snuggles, and laughter.